About Us


  • Time Strategic Group SA is a diversified group of wholly owned Black South African companies with business interests in the ICT sector, aviation, banking, health and pharmaceuticals, Housing needs, transport network, energy, insurance and agriculture.
  • The Group and its Companies has established its reputation as one of the formidable players in the South African ICT Sector
  • The Group has (17) Companies across all sectors
  • Big Time Projects finds comfort and support in the umbrella of the Group’s Financial Muscle as well as project sharing methodologies and synergies

We have evolved to become part of major sectors of African economies.

The world is now alive with possibilities for those who are forward thinking and embrace change. Bold ideas and a legacy of innovation continues to move us to a rapidly advancing world of technology and reshaping society in unprecedented ways. "The Forth Industrial Revolution" has the potential to open new markets. and through our research and development centre we are successfully fusing the physical, digital and biological

In doing so we seek to positively impact the lives of all people - a vision that inspires us to be excellent at what we do.

Big Time Research and Development
Finacnial Technology

History Of BigTime Strategic Group

  • Started in 1998 as a printing and imaging solutions company feeding the needs of government and big corporations.
  • With the transition of the new South Africa we grew to be amongst the giants in the corporate landscape of south
What we do now:
  • We are a leading new generation of Information Technology and Systems Integration company that deliver on Security, Optimization and Enterprise investments.
  • We provides complete service for the design, installation and maintenance of Enterprise Solutions functions.
  • We provide application Integration, infrastructure connectivity, managed services as well as maintenance and support.
  • Our incubation hubs support the ICT research and innovations that best delivers new business breakthroughs.
  • We support the development of ICT in Science. ICT in industrial leadership and ICT in societal challenges.