Vision For Africa

Our Vision for Africa

  • To create a better world full of richer experiences, through innovative technology and products.... Stop being consumers of everything and producers of none.
  • By Asking Our selves simple questions such as:
    • Does the current model of DR housing present a caring and thoughtful government in the eyes of our people, or is it done to shift the focus on the housing dialogue
    • Why after nearly 29 years do we find black people in the majority, together with marginalized communities still staying in squalor, dirt and shabbiness.
    • Don't black people and the marginalized communities deserve dignity in housing and accommodation needs and service provision
    • By Becoming a beloved household brand, an innovative company and an admired company from the eye of the child.
  • By Dedicating our efforts to creativity and innovation, shared value with our partners, and our people.
  • By Striving to deliver world best products and services through passion for innovation and optimal operations
  • By Exploring new business such as Manufacturing, healthcare, modern transportation and automotive

What has gone wrong with the current RDP Housing program in South Africa.

  • Corruption and mismanagement
  • House are too small for occupation
  • Poor construction
  • Poor location of housing projects
  • Lack of involvement of stakeholders and beneficiaries in the housing Projects
  • Abuse of the Property by Beneficiary

Challenges of Current RDP Housing Projects

  • The building size is often too small for an average family size and needs with little consideration for expansion
  • Most RDPs have little to no ventilation on them, as a system design error on the building
  • The Ever increasing building costs in South Africa, resulting in the need for cheaper, workable alternatives to the building needs and assurances
  • There has been a huge affordability problem affecting middle income earners, who do not qualify for the RDP housing scheme
  • The housing project often takes lengthy time frames to complete, resulting in disgruntlements and huge cost overruns to the Municipalities and housing departments
  • Misuse of houses by the housing recipients by leasing them out, therefore defeating the objectives of such projects
  • Most of these housing projects have little to no sanitation provision to needs and maintenance in the building
  • Due to the unstructured manner of these RDPs, there is no structure and oversight on their usage and control overview, resulting in a lot of backyard dwellers and shacks around the building.
  • Most of these housing projects have little to no allocation and consideration to collections of refuse and garbage usage and disposal needs by the local municipality
  • Most of these housing projects have poor quality and workmanship in general
  • Most of these housing projects are often passed on as sales by the occupants and owners, therefore defeating the reason they and created and allocated.
  • Most of these housing projects have little to no consideration of family structure needs, resulting in overcrowding within these houses.
  • Most of these housing projects have little to no consideration of family structure needs to privacy as often, such buildings are too close to each other and overcrowded.
  • Most of these housing projects have little to no consideration to the quality of such a building due to inferior building material mix resulting in an totally complex and inferior product produced.

Local govenment in Investments

  • From a policy perspective, national government is responsible for attracting investments. But any investment takes place in a municipal space
  • Investments create jobs, stimulate economic growth at local level (municipality)
  • Municipalities have a responsibility to create a conducive environment to retain existing investments as well as attract new investment into their space

Economic productivity through job creating in the design of structures, clearing and building of road and water services needed for such structures to function

Increased employment from other industries that would follow such as service industries to such structured communities.

Increased municipal revenue in the collection rates and taxes from such a structured, developed, stand portions with addresses assigned to them on the GIS System.

Improved service delivery with new designs and dignified structures as housing for our people.

Improved standard of living & reduced number of indigents.

Increased investment within the housing needs market.