About Us


Computer Ink & Media Solutions is composed of wholly owned Black South African companies with business interests in the ICT sector. Founded in 2000, the flagships of this group, Flame IT Strategy, Flame IT Consulting and Flame GIS was able to grow from a backyard business into a sizable enterprise today, through the vision, innovation, and commitment of its founder, Mr. Justice Maphosa.

The company and its sub-companies have established their reputation as one of the formidable players in the South African ICT Sector. In the company are the following sub-companies:

Through these sub-companies, the company is able to reach far and remote areas through the use of our business model of ICT audits, and informed proposals to meet the client’s needs unveiled in the audit.

This is then tied by our experts within the company in various fields within the ICT sector using the best of breed products and proven technologies from renowned manufactures.


Computer Ink & Media Solutions engineers in participation with some of the Municipalities conducted an ICT audit with an intense purpose to unearth underlying problems within the ICT across all core departments. The Audit sought to review all aspects of ICT including:

  • Strategy and governance initiatives
  • Procurement
  • Assets and services
  • Service delivery models.

The proposed Audit comprised the following activities involving all departments within Moses Kotane, including: extensive data collection and data quality improvement; analysis of the data; extensive consultation to validate the data and the analysis findings; and, multiple reports to the Mayor, Municipal Manager and Acting Head of Corporate Services culminating in the final report which is here presented with as audit findings.


Justice Maphosa – (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Maphosa started his career in the systems industry. Co-founder of this business, after having been involved in the international deployment and implementation of systems with the companies he worked for before this venture.
  • At Computer Ink & Media Solutions our consulting division has numerous experts with product knowledge and business skills to assist our clients with their every day to day needs as the endeavor to uplift their service levels and focus on their core business functions.
Criteria Actual Score Target Score
Enterprise Development 15.00 15.00
Socio Economic Development 5.00 5.00
Affirmative Procurement 15.91 20.00
Ownership 20.00 20.00
Management Control 20.00 20.00
Employment Equity 11.95 15.00
Skills 9.55 15.00
Total Score 97.41 110.00

Computer Ink & Media Solutions is 100% black owned. As a Group we are proud to be an “AAA” rating company (level four contributor) from EmpowerDex in an independent audit of its progress in the elements of broad empowerment as required by the DTI BEE Codes of Good Practice.

Socio Economic Development

Computer Ink & Media Solutions continuously seeks to accurately align itself with all the principles of good practice. We believe in actively investing in socio economic strategies that have the potential to deliver a positive, long-term impact on the company's business, clients, employees and the South African community. In that regard, Computer Ink & Media Solutions’ program support is based towards education and training.

Affirmative Procurement

Computer Ink & Media Solutions annually reviews its supplier base and is committed to procure directly from those suppliers who have made significant progress in developing and supporting BBBEE.


Since its establishment, Computer Ink & Media Solutions has always been in the black hands This shareholding has settled at a totally unencumbered equity of 100% with full economic benefit and exercise voting control with 100% of the vote. There is further indirect black ownership via the share incentive scheme of 5% offered to staff in the company. It is Computer Ink & Media Solutions’ stated goal to improve this aspect as circumstances allow.

Management Control

Since its establishment, the black shareholders have exercised management control, including formally assuming the roles of CEO and Executive Chairman. This involvement continues active participation in various processes of governance and operations, ranging from the operations board to management committees. In addition, the most senior positions in the company are occupied by black individuals who have the competencies and the skills.

Skills Development

This refers to the skills development expenditure for black employees on any program specified in the learning program’s matrix including learner ships. Computer Ink & Media Solutions learner ship program is managed in conjunction with various accredited educational institutions that develop and provide the theoretical component of the programme. This includes the Microsoft Learning Academy, which offers an NQF level 5 (MCSE or MCSD) Programme on a 12-month period. Based on the students’ performance they have an equal opportunity to be permanently placed within the group.